Our Funds

747 Capital is currently investing from its eighth generation of flagship funds, which incorporate primary investments, co‑investments and secondaries in a single portfolio.

Limited partners in our Stuyvesant Funds will have the opportunity to access additional co‑investment exposure through our Hudson Funds.

747 Stuyvesant Funds

Stuyvesant Primary Investments
Invest in ~12 managers per vehicle​

Fund sizes <$350 million
Stuyvesant Co-Investments
Co-invest alongside underlying managers​

Generally free of management fees and carried interest

~15 co-investments​
Stuyvesant Secondary Investments
Opportunistic & deeply discounted​

Small, non-brokered, under the radar opportunities​

Underlying portfolio of ~100 well-established,

generally cash flow positive small businesses

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747 Hudson Funds

Hudson Co-Investments
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